Port Conflict: VMWare 8 Workstation vs. Apache 2 (XAMPP)

By default, when you install VMWare 8 Workstation and Apache 2 (or XAMPP), you can’t run these programs in same host. Both of them use port 443. So, when you have Apache 2 running, you can’t start VMWare 8 Workstation and vice versa. If you want to run both, you must tell one of them to not use port 443. In this post, I tell you how to make Apache 2  so Apache 2 doesn’t use post 443.

Apache 2 Configuration

  1. Open your Apache 2 configuration directory (if you use XAMPP for Windows, the default directory C:\xampp\apache\conf)
  2. Open extra folder
  3. Edit httpd-sll.conf
  4. Find all 443 and replace with 4430 (or else)
  5. Restart Apache

Apache SLL module usually use port 433. By editing the Apache configuration, you can configure port usage. And now, SLL module use port 4430 (or else).